Appropriate sourcing is the way to progress in the attire business. We make sure that the fabric is high quality from our associated textile mills. Ensuring the right blend of fabric as per the requirement of the clients is our priority. Clients can provide their own fabric as well(addition). We source accessories from reliable vendors. Our approved vendors go through a rigorous selection process.

Sampling department is an important component of our business because every sample we create is the first step in ensuring that our clients are satisfied. We have a very professional and efficient process which produces quality samples every time.

Apparel manufacturers rely on custom printing services to get the printing jobs done. There are many screen print services that excel in various printing methods, each giving us an option to print different designs that are needed for each product.

We have been inclined towards different options of custom embroidery for products offering the clients unique design options. There are different embroidery methods and tools that include a diverse range of embroidery patches, multicolor custom embroidery, and digitised embroidery that have gained popularity among the manufacturer circle.     

We offer automated laser cutting, ensuring perfect edges every time as we are committed to embrace the latest fashion technology so that our clients enjoy optimal speed and precision. We specialise in automated laser cutting so our clients can now design on-trend cutouts into all their creations. Shapes can range from simple to incredibly intricate.

We offer the high grade  sewing services that include sampling, pattern design, apparel development, precise custom cutting, and production according to the client’s needs. The company redefines stitching and sewing services at low minimum prices that makes us the most reliable service in the clothing manufacturers circuit.

Our company is focused on quality pre-requisites of the best quality. We ensure quality is stuck through our tasks from inspecting to conclusive shipment. Quality Assurance is an inborn piece of our administrations and we guarantee that our clients deal with no issue at any stage. The different steps of attire producing where in-process examination and quality control are done and referenced beneath:

  • Sample making segment
  • Marker making segment
  • Inspection in texture spreading segment
  • Inspection in texture cutting segment
  • Inspection in texture sewn segment
  • Inspection in squeezing and Finishing segment

Our company masters the art of manufacturing custom packaging bags for all your clothing manufacturing needs. Get custom packaging made according to your required dimensions.